I don’t like it either

I’m calling this one done. Abandoned might be a better term.


Aside from the sky, which I really like, there’s so much I don’t like about this one that it’ll end up stacked against a few others on the floor of my library until it’s eventually thrown away. Here’s a photo from the end of my first session with this one:


I was more hopeful at that point. I really like that, even an hour or two after I paint a section, I can just wipe it off if it doesn’t look right. Hence the light brown next to the planted field. I’d made it far too wide.

My main issues are the trees and field. With all the paint I added, the trees are an opaque mess. The field has the opposite problem, and you can see the gesso underneath. I just got frustrated and wasn’t having fun messing with it anymore.

But I learned something! Part of the reason I think the cloud worked out so well was that I had an acrylic underpainting underneath. Here, it’s just white gesso. If I had used that technique here, I think I’d be much happier with the result. I’ll definitely be making that underpainting next time.

Another problem could be that my oil paints are student grade Soho. I know from experience with acrylics and watercolor that there’s a huge difference between student and artist grade paints, so maybe I was wrong to try student grade first. I’m seriously considering ordering a set of Gamblin and seeing if I like those better. I’m pretty sure I would.

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