New phone who dis

I know I’m behind on every sort of post possible (for instance: a 3d printer lives in my office now!), but here I am with a new phone and lots of enthusiasm.

I had an iPhone 8 for about a year, and while it worked perfectly well, I’d been growing increasingly unhappy with the camera as compared to newer phones on the market. The obvious Cho was the new iPhone Xs, but according to every review I’ve seen, the Google Pixel 3 has a better camera.

I haven’t tried the iPhone XS, but I’m SUPER satisfied with this brand spankin’ new Pixel 3 I got today. Palmer was nice enough to pose for a couple photos while I still had both phones:

Im definitely a fan of the Pixel photo on the right. Palmer says he looks washed out on the iPhone. The dog photos taken in portrait mode do a better job of showing off the Pixel camera’s superiority.

Of course, there is also food. This first one is from lunch at Habanero’s a local restaurant:

And this second one is from my barely successful attempt at peeling and cubing a kobucha squash (don’t do it!):

So far, I’m super happy with this phone. My last Android experience was far from ideal, so we’ll see.

#Artober 12: This counts, right?

It’ll have to because I’m exhausted again. I did more Pirate Storytime this morning and another round of Jack o’Lantern Paper Circuit this afternoon. Both programs went really well.

Kids are even more into the paper circuits than I thought they would be, which is good because I still have 4 more programs to do.

For now, though,I’m going to enjoy my first weekend off in too long.

And now for something completely different

I made this glorious little machine at work today. It’s an arduino with a game shield and a speaker attached, and it plays ocarina songs from one of the best games ever, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but only if you remember the right buttons to push. (Here’s a list of right buttons to push.) I made this quick video after I finished it.

It was super easy. I just ordered the parts and followed this excellent tutorial on one of my favorite techie sites, I did have to learn how to install libraries on the Arduino IDE so they’ll download to the arduino along with the program. That was easy, too, with the help of a board on another one of my favorite sites, Stack Exchange.

There are a couple issues I need to look into. One is that after a few seconds of music, the speaker seems to spaz out. That, and it’s super hard to hit the buttons perfectly enough for the arduino to decide to play the music in the first place. I’m not sure how to fix the speaker, but a thorough look for the code will probably help me solve the second problem.

If you want to see this thing in action, you have a few opportunities coming up: I’ll be at the library table at the Shreveport Bossier-Mini Maker Faire on September 22, Digifest at the Bossier Civic Center on September 26-27, and I’ll be doing a series of programs at various branches called Microcontroller Mania soon. Those dates are TBA, so keep an eye on the library’s calendar for those.

I have lots of other stuff in my office waiting to be put together, too…