#Artober 3: Witch Sisters!

Aaaaand here’s today’s painting! I actually did this at work today. Every month, I teach a painting class at a library branch, and this one’s for October 20th. It’s not my first go-round with this one. I painted this last October, and it was probably my third or fourth painting ever. Here it is:


I like the first one better. I used the brushes patrons will use in my class, and I had major problems with them. For the program itself, I’ll be sure to bring my own.

They’re based on this tutorial by one of my very favorite people, Cinnamon Cooney, the Art Sherpa. In fact, all of the programs I’ve done so far are based on her tutorials. She has a Labs program that I should be a member of to teach her tutorials, but I haven’t been able to join. Non-profits and not-for-profits, which includes public libraries, can get a free membership by emailing them. I’ve sent three emails and gotten zero responses. I’ll try again soon because I want to be legit.

Here are a few photos from my programs. This one’s from September. I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures. I took this one after a couple of people had finished and left.


These are from August. Everyone always seems to have a good time.

And, finally, here are a couple from my first program. Some of these people might look familiar: a few of them keep a close eye on the library’s Facebook page to be sure they get one of the very limited (free) tickets.

I’m so glad I get to do these programs. I have them booked through January so far, and they’ll continue through next year at various branches. I’ll also be doing some kids’ and teen art programs soon. It’s gonna be awesome!

#Artober 2: Hydrangea!

I’ve wanted to paint a hydrangea for a while now, but they intimidated me because I had no idea how to paint so many tiny flowers to make up the whole. I spent most of yesterday resting after the first Revel weekend on my sofa with the dogs, watching art tutorials on Youtube, and I saw this one by Shibasaki (everyone’s lovely Japanese grandpa) and decided that I just might finally be able to pull off a hydrangea.

I’ll let you judge my success for yourself, but I’m happy with it. It’s 4×6 watercolor on 140 lb paper. The trick appears to be to use a palette knife to scratch the surface of the paper and remove paint for the highlights. I want to try again because it seems like I had to damage the paper excessively to get the paint off. It probably had something to do with the fact that I used a pre-cut Strathmore watercolor postcard instead of my usual Arches.

Two days down, twenty-nine to go! That’s actually a lot…

It’s #Artober 1!

Yeah, it’s technically Inktober 1, but as I’m not particularly a fan of ink (or drawing), I try to create one piece of art every day in the medium of my choice. We’ll see how it goes, as this is terrible timing: the Red River Revel started last Saturday and goes through next Sunday, so I’m super duper busy and exhausted when I’m not working. I’ll write a post about that soon.

Here’s my painting for today. 4×6 acrylic gouache on 140 lb watercolor paper. It’s loosely based on this photo I took a couple of weeks ago:

I’m okay with it. I’m trying to stay realistic by keeping my sessions under an hour. This one took about 45 minutes.

Wish me luck!