All is right with the (pizza) world

About a year ago, my Very Favorite Restaurant made a Horrible Decision. Rotolos, a pizza chain in Louisiana, dropped their 8-inch personal pizzas from the menu in favor of either 13-inch pizzas or pizza-by-the-slice, which only included cheese, pepperoni, and a daily specialty pizza. The last thing we would want is two pizzas because mine, at least, would never be eaten because of Our Friend the Beetus. Palmer likes meaty pizzas with marinara sauce, and I like vegetarian pizzas with alfredo sauce, so you can see how a problem might arise.

After this Terrible Decision, we didn’t go back for several months, until their sign miraculously said “Personal pizzas are back!” We went in for dinner, only to be told that those pizzas were only served at lunch, and possibly only during football season.

In the meantime, I discovered that their buffalo wings are very tasty (and they don’t make me feel like Death afterward like Buffalo Wild Wings’ do), so we went back every few weeks. Welllll, last week we were talking to the manager about a ridiculous Detroit Style pizza that looks like dessert, and he said they’d brought back personal pizzas all day and for good! Hence the photo above.

I’m glad they saw the errors of their ways. Here’s a double rainbow.